Beazley Designs of the Year

The design museum has recently relocated to Kensington and seeing as we’re always up for a good house warming, we ventured out this weekend to take a look at the opening exhibitions.

For starters the building itself is an incredible piece of craftmanship. The roof is a vast canopy that stands above the trees and inside large concrete blocks create a stunning spiral like ceiling that rivals the art it shields. Walking in, the level of light, open plan space and neutral colour palette greets you like a breath of fresh of air, ideal for casual meandering along the walls of innovative designs.

With two non-permanent exhibitions on show, we opted to explore the Beazley Designs of the Year and it didn’t disappoint. Heading down the stairs into the basement gallery, we entered a large room of wonders that fell into 6 categories - Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Graphics, Product and Transport. So many of the designs we’re visually stunning but the ones that stood out most were those that combined great aesthetics with an aim in developing solutions to some of humanity’s greatest issues.

A DIY surgical kit that highlights the risks people take when faced with no NHS, expensive healthcare fees and in desperate need of an accessible alternative solution. A game that focuses on empathy, putting you into the first person view of a civilian in a land occupied by war. A book where every page can be used as a filter to purify 100 litres of water. Electronic cars, cups you can drink from in space, quick to build structures for refugees - we could go on.

But rather than spoiling the whole show, get yourself over there, because this exhibition is a truly inspiring contribution to both design and the fate of the world.

Find out more here.

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