Hair by Sam McKnight

Hair - that stuff on top of our heads that we brush, burn, twist and mould into the shape and style we desire - from beehives to bouffants, mullets to mohawks and pompadours to pixie cuts, its part of how we choose to externalise our character and pay homage to our idols. So why shouldn’t there be an entire exhibition dedicated to it? Especially when the focus is on arguably the most important, influential and innovative stylist of the last four decades.

From now until March, Somerset House Embankment Galleries play host to Hair by Sam McKnight, the first exhibition that emphasises not only the critical role hair plays in it’s contribution to fashion but also contextualises the wider cultural significance it has in society. The exhibition showcases McKnight’s rich catalogue of collaborators via multiple forms, from walls lined with all 190 of his international Vogue covers, to screenings of his backstage runway designs and installations exhibiting the likes of his iconic wire-head creations for Vivienne Westwood in an enchanting fashion forest of chic mannequins.

So if you’ve got some time to admire the remarkable affect McKnight’s work has on his subjects, or if you’re just looking for a bit of hairspiration, this celebration of the king of transformation is not to be missed. And don’t worry if your bad-hair-day is keeping you from venturing outside, you can order the coinciding publication, pegged as “ a unique reference and style bible that offers a glamorous tour through the past forty years”. Find out more here.

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