3D Printed Dining

Ok so we know we’ve only just reached winter and you're enjoying layering up your clothes and snuggling up by the log fire with a cup of hot coco but here’s a question, what are you doing next Summer? Chances are you’ve probably not thought that far ahead, but an eager few have already managed to book themselves in for a night of futuristic culinary activity next July - and no its not just futuristic because it’s in the future. Food Ink is a pop up , not offering 2D tattoos of your favourite burger chain menus but rather an opportunity to enjoy the ultimate 3D printed restaurant experience. You’ll eat 3D printed food, with 3D printed cutlery on 3D printed chairs. There are only ten guests per night, all of who won’t be 3D printed and over the night they will taste 9 courses that will be created in front of their eyes. Just in case you’re wondering where to get tickets, we’ll let you down gently - they’ve all sold out. Never mind, if you’re still interested in finding out more info then click here, otherwise grab your jumper and stick the kettle on.

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