Let’s hygge!

As with everything en-vogue at the moment, this week's fix is all about 'hygge'. You may know that right now everyone is hygge-ing out of their minds thanks to Denmark giving us this gift of a word which until now, just didn't exist in English - enjoying the good things in life, spending time with good friends and moving into a state of semi-hibernation (quite frankly, it's a great reason to not be depressed about the clocks going back and totally makes sense now why the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world!)
Taking refuge with friends in somewhere that is cosy, comfy and dry with delicious food and drink sounds just wonderful, and what better place to do that than in a 'Nordic-mystical forest themed' outdoor (domed and weather-proofed) eatery?

After being introduced to Pergola on the Roof a few months ago for the summer edition, it's back from November 3rd for the winter opening, and it looks excellent! Located on top of the old BBC Television Centre in Wood Lane, it's bound to jump right up there into the must-visit rooftop locations in London. It features 4 amazing restaurants - Snap & Rye (Danish, so extra 'hygge'y), Patty & Bun, Le Bab, and Gunpowder - who will be whipping up a (snow)storm of delicious and very reasonably priced food in a fabulously fun atmosphere. There's none of this no-reservations nonsense (80% of tables can be booked with 20% kept for walk ins) and there are bars and day beds for up to groups of 15, making it like a swanky beach club, but in London... in the winter... on a rooftop.
So to recap there'll be great food, a brilliant atmosphere, on a wintery, mystical, warm and dry rooftop, with your friends. If that's not 'hygge' I don't know what is!

Find out more about Pergola on the Roof here
And find out how you can become more hygge here


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