This week we're obsessed with Soulhub, an amazing project aiming to help nourish mind, body and soul with inspiring life stories, brilliant recommendations, wise words and places to escape to for a few minutes or a few weeks. Describing itself as 'the place your heart knows and your soul craves', the whole concept is utterly joyful.

In today's busy and demanding world, we are constantly striving to find something that will enrich, and make happier the soul, and Soulhub provides a go-to place for those who need some direction. The goal is to one day open a physical Soulhub space (please let it be in a magical forest, or on a cliff overlooking the wild sea!) where one can go to and rejuvenate through therapy, relaxation and inspiration. There's also the beautiful, bi-annual published journal featuring incredible exclusive stories by inspirational people that they want to do, and Soulhub are offering the public and soul-friendly businesses the opportunity to help make this vision a reality.

Their kickstarter campaign aims to fund the first Soulhub journal (due out in February) and is offering some pretty awesome pledge rewards; pledge £20 or more to get the first issue delivered to your door with acknowledgement of your support in the journal. Pledge £500 or more to receive the first issue and a 1 page ad for your business which will reach 3,000 people!

So first, go and make yourself a nice cup of tea and visit, then after you've filled your heart with its amazingness, go to their kickstarter page, pledge what you can, and give your soul something to thank you for in the New Year.

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