The Infinite Mix

Tired of going to the same old art exhibitions, staring at ancient oil paintings or studying black and white street photography? You might want to give ‘The Infinite Mix’ a try. A collaboration that brings the Hayward Gallery and The Vinyl Factory together, showcases a series of audiovisual explorations that The Sunday Times described as going “somewhere art has never been before”. Delving into a variety of subjects each piece in the exhibition holds sound and visuals in the highest regard, creating inspiring, contemporary films that both entertain and get you thinking. There are 10 pieces in total, some of which tackle actions as simple as crossing the street, others the complexity of emotion you might feel as you look at the Earth from outer Space or even one that just recreates the feel of a band jamming in a 1970s recording studio. Open till the 4th December at 180 The Strand, this is one you won’t want to miss. For more info click here.

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